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Online architecture coaching can facilitate aspiring architects achieve their career objectives. It instructs students in the art and science of designing and construction of buildings. There are several busy people who want to pursue an architectural degree, but are not able to do so for want of time. Online architecture training is the ideal alternative for them as it is neither terribly expensive nor time consuming.

If you've got a PC, a smart phone or a tablet, you can very well attend college at no cost! Education-Exchange offers free download facility for common courses and lectures in architecture and design. Downloads include notes and assignments, and in some cases we also provide student projects for undergraduate and graduate courses in architecture.

It is now possible to move the design studio entirely online thus making it possible to study architecture online. People interested in the online learning of architecture will find Education-Exchange extremely helpful. Our aim is to serve the profession by providing education that develops well-rounded professionals.

We offer several online courses in architecture. Our courses in Architecture and Design are created to help you meet your academic and professional goals. Whether you are a layman who is curious about architectural design, a budding designer or a practicing architect, our courses will enable you to strike the perfect work-life balance while you pursue your professional design education. Our courses have the same rigor and comprehensiveness associated with the traditional classrooms and you have on offer anytime, anywhere access to your courses. Our online courses offer you the opportunity to truly immerse yourself in a learning community and be mentored by a thoroughbred professional.

Studying architecture can be extremely demanding. An online course can offer students with the required amount of flexibility so that they are able to balance other aspects of their lives. We strive to teach architecture as it should be taught.